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Dr Mark Whittow

The College has been shaken by the news that Dr Mark Whittow, Fellow in Byzantine Studies, was killed in a road accident last Saturday evening (23 December), on his way home to join his family for Christmas. Mark was one of the great characters of Oxford and many in the city will be mourning his passing. Having recently served as Senior Proctor within the University, Mark found that he had a penchant for administration and last November the Fellows of Oriel College expressed their confidence in this particular area of Mark’s abilities by voting him to the office of Provost - a position he had seen as the fulfillment of a life’s work spent in academia. President Steve Cowley said “Corpus has taken the news of Mark’s death very hard.   Mark was a deeply likable man, someone who was generous with his time and concern for other people –  one of those rare individuals who plays such a large part in conjuring that mysterious alchemy that helps complicated communities like ours to work. Selfishly, we were not looking forward to the time when he was to move to Oriel, but now ours is a much deeper sorrow, rooted in the knowledge that we shall never again have the pleasure of spending time in Mark’s company. We send our deepest condolences to his wife Helen and his family, as well as those many people around Oxford and beyond into whose lives Mark brought such enormous pleasure as well as sharing with them his deep understanding of the Byzantine world. We are all going to miss him terribly.”

An obituary to Mark was published in the Guardian on 1 January 2018.

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