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Kalina Allendorf

Lecturer in Classics (Latin)

At Corpus, I am a lecturer in Classics, teaching most of the Latin language and literature undergraduate options.

From October 2017 to 2020, I am also a Departmental Lecturer, lecturing in Latin Language and Literature for the Faculty of Classics. I also undertake thesis supervision and graduate teaching.

My research in Latin literature is concerned with how texts respond to and shape metaphysical and theological issues. My doctoral thesis argued that Milton’s portrayal of fate in Paradise Lost is shaped by his engagement with issues of human and divine freedom in Homer, Vergil, Lucretius, Lucan, and Statius. 

More generally, I am interested in how literary texts negotiate questions of human agency, and in the imagery used to depict human subjectivity and perception.

Selected publications

‘Milton’s Olympian Dialogue: Rereading the First Council Scene in Heaven (Paradise Lost 3.56–343)’. International Journal of the Classical Tradition 22.2, 2015, 209–222.

Review of Czeslaw Milosz: Native Realm. A Search for Self-Definition and Czeslaw Milosz: Selected and Last Poems, 1931-2004, London 2014. Translation and Literature 24.1, 2015, 131–5.

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