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Ms Hannah Lucas - Filmmaker, Photographer (and English Language & Literature Finalist) 

I am currently in my final year at Corpus, reading English Language & Literature, expected to graduate in 2015. My interest in photography and film-making has allowed me to work with the Access and Admissions team to produce short films about Corpus to demonstrate the ethos and values of the college, available on YouTube and the college website. This is a really valuable project that will hopefully appeal to visitors and prospective students alike, and demonstrate what life in Corpus is like. 

Last summer I pursued this interest in film and worked with the University of Oxford’s Educational Media team on a series of podcasts entitled ‘Oxford on Film: From Attic to Archive’, which involved producing and editing online episodes about film-making at Oxford from the 1940s to the present day. These are freely available to view online here.

You can also keep up with Corpus’s Access and Admissions YouTube channel.

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