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John Beresford

Law (Jurisprudence)

I matriculated at Corpus Christi College in 2008 to read Law (Jurisprudence). I graduated in 2011 and went on to complete the Bar Professional Training Course at BPP College.

I am currently a Pupil Barrister at a Commercial Chancery Chambers. ‘Pupillage' is a year long apprenticeship for barristers where ‘pupils' shadow and support more senior barristers. At the end of pupillage, pupils hope to be awarded ‘tenancy' whereby they are taken on by their Chambers as a full practising self employed barrister. Commercial chancery law encompasses major international litigation involving multi-national companies to smaller, private client disputes. There is often an international flavour to the work and commercial chancery barristers regularly appear in courts in faraway jurisdictions including Hong Kong, Singapore, the Cayman Islands, the British Virgin Islands, Brunei, Cyprus, the Channel Islands and the USA.

My time at Corpus has well prepared me for the start of my professional life. The intensity of work and the excellent tutorial system (and excellent tutors) have (I hope) instilled an intellectual rigour, which is no doubt necessary for success at the bar. I also benefited from the opportunity to take part in college based ‘moots'. A moot is a mock trial where both sides argue over a ‘moot' point. During my time at Corpus I was fortunate enough to partake in a moot judged by a former Court of Appeal judge (a former Corpuscle himself). Mooting, combined, with lively discussions and debates in tutorials, well prepared me for the advocacy elements of being a barrister.

My time at Corpus was not all work. I massively enjoyed the social side of life at Corpus. I made many friends and got to meet some interesting characters. I played football for both the first and second team and was a key component of the Corpus Challenge winning darts team of 2009.



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