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Keeping in Touch


The Development Office is the first port of call for Old Members wishing to contact College friends and contemporaries. 

Events and Reunions

Apart from official College events and Gaudies, there are numerous groups of Old Members who come together for various reasons; we've heard of reunions of former team mates, students of a particular subject or matriculation range, or simply Old Members meeting over dinner in a given geographical region with no common connection other than Corpus. If you wish to organise a similar event, please do feel free to contact the Development Office, who would happily assist by bringing the (rather impressive) power of the Old Members database to bear in helping you identify and contact a defined group.

Email and Post

The College tends to send one or two event circulars a year, but relies increasingly on e-mail, both as a cost-saving and environmentally sound option, but also because of its comparative immediacy. If you wish to receive communications by email, please send your email address to the Development Office.

College Publications

The Pelican Record is the College annual, which reports on the activities of an academic year and features articles by Fellows, students, Old Members and guest contributors, often distinguished academics in their own right. If you wish to contribute, or are not receiving your copy of the publication, please contact the Development Office.

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