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Junior Research Fellowships

The College normally appoints two non-stipendiary JRFs a year, one in the humanities/social sciences and one in the sciences. Applicants should be close to completing their doctorate, or have obtained it within the last 2 years. The elected JRFs should hold an appointment within, or have an association with, an Oxford Faculty/Department and be prepared to provide evidence of such association, including evidence of financial support. The College post will run co-terminously with the University post and/or the external funding; we would normally expect this funding to be for 3 years, but we will consider holders of 2-year grants. Applicants for British Academy Post-Doctoral Research Fellowships are particularly encouraged to apply. Our JRFs receive a research allowance (currently £2,419), hospitality allowance (currently £442), a book allowance (currently £791) and full common table rights (free lunch and dinner every day that the College kitchen is open). The College may be able to provide office space but this cannot be guaranteed; living accommodation cannot normally be offered. Teaching opportunities may be made available, and payment will be made at the Senior Tutors' Committee rates unless it is a condition of the external funding received by the JRF that s/he provide teaching.

Posts are normally advertised from mid-March with a closing date in mid-May. Applicants will be be required to submit a letter of application along with a curriculum vitae, a brief statement of research plans, specifying academic department, and the names of two referees.

Interviews may be held.

The appointed applicants will be required to provide evidence of their stipendiary position and attachment to the University prior to taking up the JRF.

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