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I need IT help, what should I do?
First, check this FAQ!
Then, if you can, access the IT help website at:
If the above does not resolve your problem, then email:
If you are unable to email, then call the team on (01865 2) 86546, or pop into the IT Office (in the Old Lodgings).

How do I get Online?
See the guide to joining the college and university wireless networks on the following pages.

How can I access the computers in the Library and the Computer Suite?
There a number of computers available for students to use in the Library, and in the Old Computer Suite in the Old Lodgings. The login credentials to use the computers are your Oxford Single Sign-On username and password.

How do I use the printing/copying facilities in College?
Printing and photocopying facilities are available in the Corpus Library and the Old Computer Suite (Old Lodgings). Print jobs should be submitted from the Library PCs and the Computer Suite to the 'Follow_Me' printer. Presenting your university card to any photocopier/printer will then release your print job.
It is also possible to print from your own computer using the college printing service which is accessible via: You can access this service from anywhere providing you have access to the internet.
All printing costs incurred using the facilities will be added to battels. There are detailed instructions on how to print and also how to use the devices in other ways can be found on the College IT Weblearn site (, via “Printing” under “IT Services” on the right hand side.

Security updates and anti-virus
It is both a College and University rule that you must have anti-virus software installed and up to date on any computers connecting to the networks. You must also keep your operating system up to date with security patches.
There are several free reputable anti-virus software packages available on the Internet. All College members also have access to download Sophos anti-virus for free from the University. This is available from the self registration software page at . Be sure to only run one anti-virus software package at a time.

File sharing sites and/or peer to peer applications
These systems are permitted, but strictly only when their use is for legal activities. Anyone caught downloading or sharing copyright material illegally will be subject to substantial fines and the risk of further disciplinary procedures, in addition to potential prosecution by the copyright owners.

Are the any rules relating to IT?
Yes. College rules can be found via the College IT Weblearn site at and the University rules at

Wireless Network Differences
The following wireless networks are available throughout College – for most people, Eduroam is the only network required and provides the fastest connection rate:

Wireless network name (SSID)




  • Widely available throughout Oxford and other Universities

  • No special software required so devices can automatically connect to this SSID when available.


  • Access to certain University resources is restricted.

  • No access to internal College IT resources.



  • No access restrictions to University resources.

  • Available widely throughout the University.

  • Client software – VPN - is required to establish a connection.

  • No access to internal College IT resources.



  • No access restrictions to University resources.

  • No special software required so devices can automatically connect to this SSID when available.


  • Only available in Corpus Christi College buildings.

To access any of these you will need to set a ‘Remote Access’ password. This is not the same as your Oxford single sign-on (SSO) account credentials (used for e-mail), although you will require an SSO account in order to create a Remote Access password.
To activate or reset your Oxford Single Sign On visit:
To set or reset your Remote Access password visit:

It is highly recommended that you set a Remote Access password before arriving at College.
Please see the following page for instructions to connect to the networks, using your Remote Access password.

Can I get a wired internet connection?
Cabled network connections are only available on special request, where there is a particular reason that the wireless networks cannot be used. If you require a cabled internet connection contact .

Wireless Network Connection Instructions
Connect to Eduroam
Eduroam can be complex to connect to, but in general use the form:
                                                                Username:         corp1234@OX.AC.UK
                                                                Password:           <your Remote Access password>

Precise instructions differ depending on the hardware and software you are using, please refer to: Happily, once your device is successfully configured for Eduroam, it will connect automatically in the future, across Oxford and the world.

Connect to OWL

OWL is provided principally for visitor use, and is based on an older form of network technology. For students we would recommend using Eduroam instead if possible. The process of connecting to OWL is reasonably straightforward, but requires the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) client to connect to the Internet. Guidelines on connecting to OWL, including VPN client instructions can be found here:

Connect to Corpus-Members
The exact process can change depending on your computer or device, please follow the steps displayed on screen when you connect. The section below describes the process for Windows and OS X.

From the list of available networks, select ‘Corpus-Members’and then when prompted enter your ‘Remote Access’ (not your Oxford single sign-on) credentials. When connecting to Corpus-Members you may see a message pop-up regarding the validity of the certificate (see below) – select ‘Connect’(Windows) or ‘Continue’(OS X) to continue.

Windows 7 and above                                                                  OS X

Once connected, open a web browser and try to visit a website, such as, whereupon you will be re-directed to the Corpus Christi College network Acceptable Use Policy page (see below). Once you agree, allow up to 45 seconds for your computer to be switched to the correct part of the network. In some cases, you may then need to restart your web browser for the changes to take effect.

Network Design