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We look forward to your arrival, please read the following in preparation for the coming academic year.

In anticipation of your arrival, you have been allocated accommodation by the College; details will be provided during September.

UK Undergraduates are asked to come into residence on Monday 1st October (no earlier than 2pm); however Overseas students may arrive on 29th September or 30th September. Overseas students must inform the Domestic Bursar, Mr Andy Rolfe ( ) and copy in the Academic Registrar ( the date they intend to arrive (if prior to 1st October).
*Please note that in subsequent terms you are required to return to residence by the beginning of each term outlined below.

Dates of Term 2018-2019
Michaelmas Term                            4th October 2018                       ‑                    1st December 2018
Hilary Term                                     10th January 2019                      ‑                     9th March 2019
Trinity Term                                     25th April 2019                           ‑                    22nd June 2019

Note that undergraduates must be in residence by the above dates (which are a Thursday) prior to term starting on the following Sunday. Accommodation is normally available from the Tuesday (eg 8th January 2019).

Undergraduates should expect to be summoned to see their tutor(s) during the week they arrive. Look out for notices or emails (when you receive your Corpus email) about this. 

Students with problems (of any kind) should be aware that there are many people in College available and willing to give advice: your own tutor (for undergraduates), Dr Dellar (Tutor for Graduates (Michaelmas Term), Prof Akerman (Tutor for Graduates from January 2019 onwards), Revd Canon Dr Maltby (Chaplain and Dean of Welfare), Dr Wormald (Senior Tutor), Prof Fisher (Acting Dean of Welfare to January 2019), the College Nurse (Midge Curran) and/or Doctor, the Academic Registrar (Rachel Clifford), the MCR President, the MCR Welfare Officer, undergraduate peer supporters; as you will see many of the advisers hold positions of responsibility within the College. Each graduate has a College Adviser (distinct from their supervisor), usually in an academic field related to their own.

College Rules
The Junior Member Handbook: General Information and College Rules should be read with care.
The Dean is available for consultation in his room in Fellows Building either by appointment or at regular ‘Decanal Hours’ which this year will be 9.00 – 10.00 every Monday during term.
The Assistant Deans Miss Tara Lee, Mr Djamshid Damry and Mr Alex Dymond are resident in college and are also available for consultation.

Medical Arrangements
All members of the College are entitled to the benefits of the National Health Service, provided they will be resident in college for at least six months. Overseas students are required to pay an immigration health charge of £150 per year (for each year of the course) at the time of applying for a visa. The total amount is paid in advance at the time of the visa application. You are required by the University to register with an Oxford medical practice.
The College doctor is Dr Naomi Drury, 9 King Edward Street, Oxford (tel. 01865 242657). If you register with a medical practice other than the College doctors, you must inform the College of its name and address. If you do not register as required but need to visit the college practice you will be classed as a private patient and will be required to pay a fee of £60.
Overseas students are encouraged to visit the Department of Health’s website for information on the National Health Service. The address is:
Studental provide dental services to all students. Appointments can be booked online at or by calling 01865 484608.
The College urges its members intending to travel outside Britain to obtain adequate medical insurance cover. Travel within the European Union by British citizens is covered by international agreements; travellers can obtain the necessary certificate(s) from a Social Security Office.

All enclosed College premises (including all rooms) are ‘smoke free’ and smoking in any College room or enclosed area will be deemed a contravention of College Rules.

Electrical appliances in rooms
Radios, television sets, computers and music systems may be used in College rooms, but see page 28 of the booklet General Information and College Rules concerning noise. Owners of television sets must possess their own UK TV licence: a parental licence does not cover sets in College. No cooking is allowed in rooms other than boiling kettles; in particular toasters are not allowed.

To assist the City of Oxford Police in the recovery of lost bicycles, bicycles should be marked with "CCC" followed by a College registration number obtained from the JCR President.

Telephone messages
Urgent (but only urgent) messages will be accepted by the Lodge (01865 276700). Please ensure that this number is known, for example, to your parents.                                                                                                                                                                                               

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