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SCR online meal booking


Welcome to the SCR Meal Booking facility.

To sign on for dinner in College you must do so via (with your single sign-on (SSO)).

If you do not have an SSO you should sign on via with your email address and the password you received in your Upay welcome email.

Further information on the signing on process can be found in the Upay usage guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we use an online meal-booking system?
The main advantage of an online system is that those who work in labs or in offices away from College can sign in remotely.

The other advantages are that you can see very quickly who else has signed up for any given meal; you can enter guests' names; it is easier to register any dietary requirements; and we can include menus for special SCR dinners.

Can I block-book meals? 
Block-booking is currently not available but will be in the near future. 

Why do I see a 'Balance'?
Please ignore your ‘Balance’ wherever mentioned – this system is also used by junior members to efficiently pay for meals; for SCR members, any billing is completed manually where appropriate. Likewise, there is no requirement for SCR members to ‘Top-Up’.

Please remember that meals need to be signed on for by 10.00am on the previous day or before 10.00am on Monday for Monday dinner.

Should you have any questions about using the system, or need to correct any accidental bookings or charges, please contact the SCR Butler in the first instance:

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