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Hi, I’m Liv and I study English here at Corpus Christi.

 I’ve always loved reading, but didn’t know I wanted to do English at university until I saw the course offered at Oxford; it’s one of the most wide-ranging in the country, and there are virtually no set texts! This means that you end up studying a blend of what you want to do and what your tutors are experts in. There are around 2-3 hours of tutorials and classes a week, and choice of lectures is almost entirely your own - you can figure out exactly what you’re interested in or what is useful, and attend as many as you feel like. In the first year we study such varied material, with Old English, the Victorians and twentieth-century literature, as well as some work on theory. One week to the next is never the same, and as the day is mostly filled with independent study, you can structure your time in whichever way works best for you.

One of the best things about studying at Corpus is just how welcoming and inclusive the atmosphere is, something which stood out straightaway in Freshers’ Week. There are only around 70 undergrads in each year, so there’s always a friendly face around college and great integration across the year groups. Personally, I found talking to second- and third- years hugely encouraging when I was new, particularly the English students who reassured us that the workload really is manageable and there is still time to get involved with loads of different extracurricular activities.

Oxford - the city and the university - is jam-packed full of clubs, societies and events that will appeal to everyone, whatever you’re interested in. The student drama scene is very lively, with cheap tickets to see local productions, and the annual Cuppers competition (which I took part in during the first term) pits colleges against each other in plays that freshers put together themselves! If journalism and writing is your thing, you can contribute to student newspapers and creative publications, even if it’s just the occasional article. There are loads of sporting opportunities too, at both university and college level, and you can get involved in something even if you’ve never tried it before or don’t know the rules - I plan to have a go at croquet this summer! At the Oxford Union, you can see some internationally renowned speakers and debaters, and live music-wise there are loads of artists (big and small!) that make their way through the city all year round.

The application process can seem daunting but in the interviews tutors just want to see how you think in a tutorial-style situation - it really isn’t that bad. I remembered being made to feel much more relaxed than the horror stories would have you believe!

Oxford is such a great city to be in, and Corpus ends up feeling like a home from home. I really can’t imagine studying anywhere else now I’m here, so I would encourage anyone to apply because it’s definitely worth the hard work, being surrounded by lovely people in such a supportive environment.

Please do drop me an email if you have any questions at all about Corpus or Oxford in general, as I’m more than happy to help! 




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