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Sarah CrowtherDr Sarah Crowther


I first came to Corpus in 1995 to study Chemisty, graduating with a MChem in 1999. I then went on to do a DPhil in Physical Chemistry, which I completed in 2003.

I now work as a Post Doctoral Research Associate in the Isotope Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry Group at The University of Manchester. We are a group of geologists, physicists and chemists that utilise ultra-sensitive techniques to study the history of our solar system. Many of our experimental methods have their origins in techniques developed to examine lunar samples returned by the Apollo missions. In addition to studying a range of meteorites that have been found on the Earth's surface, I am also part of a world-wide group of select scientists studying samples returned to Earth by NASA's Genesis and Stardust missions. Such samples provide unique glimpses four and a half billion years back in time and may help solve some of the mysteries about the birth and evolution of our solar system.

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