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Dr Jennifer le Roy

JRF in Materials in association with a Glasstone and Marie Curie Fellowship in the Dept of Materials


My research interests span synthetic chemistry, magnetism, physics and electronics. My honours degree in chemistry was spent developing new environmentally friendly corrosion prevention coatings for steel and aluminium alloys. In 2015 I received my PhD from the University of Ottawa for my contributions to the field of organometallic synthesis and nanomagnetism. My interests in electronics next inspired me to jump across the pond to Oxford where I started developing methods for the integration of nanomagnets into functional materials. I currently work for the Materials Department in Oxford where our research program focuses on building molecular-scale electronics devices (funded by the Glasstone Benefit).

Research Interests

My scientific career has been a hodgepodge of the physical sciences, which is reflected in the current diversity of my research program. I have two major lines of research, both bearing the common theme of functional new materials. 

The first encompasses molecular electronics. I work with the Quantum Nanotechnologies Laboratory, which is anexceptional collaboration of research groups that have a joint interest in nanoscalephenomena and quantum research.Our team is focused on constructing reliable electronics devices at the single-molecule scale.

I also have a strong interest in using synthetic chemistry as a tool to understand complex materials. We are currently emulating spintronic materials using molecules to help understand fundamental physical processes.                            


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