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Corpus celebrates the 500th anniversary of its founding in 2017. There are a number of major initiatives underway which will celebrate the contribution to scholarship of Oxford's first Humanist College. First among these will be the building of the New Library, which will house, safely and securely, the Colleges outstanding collection of historic manuscripts and early printed books. It will provide additional space for Corpus student readers and offer researchers from around the world proper facilities to study our unique collection. For more information about our Quincentenary Appeal, Corpus 500, please go to Corpus 500 Campaign.

In tandem with our request for support with the projects outlined above Corpus is also hoping that 1,517 alumni and donors will be able to make a contribution to the College during this year. If you wish to support the College by making a donation please use the buttons on the right to make a gift.

The College has a range of tax-efficient methods of giving, which can increase the impact of your gift to Corpus, for donors both in and outside the UK. Corpus works with "Oxford Thinking" - the University-wide Appeal to make giving to the College as easy as possible. Donors who are resident in the United States, who would like to make their gifts tax-free should use the above button to make their donaiton. Those who live elsewhere can find out more about making a donation at the University's World-wide Giving Page.

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