Corpus Christi College Oxford

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Restoring the Chapel
The much-loved College Chapel had its roof fully restored in 2006. Now the second phase of careful conservation has now begun: This major project will require us to repair and re-plaster the walls, restore the screen to its original glory, clean the original Tudor ceiling bosses, repair the wooden panelling around the choirs, clean and restore the monuments, improve the ante-chapel to provide storage for vestments etc., create a new decorative glass panel between the Library and the Chapel, fit a state-of-the-art lighting system that will accentuate and enhance key features of the Chapel, to include back lighting of the main stained glass window. The total cost of the works will be around £500,000. The College is seeking to raise £100,000 towards the project from private donations. In return, those benefactors contributing £10,000 or more will be commemorated by having their names etched into the new glass panel, which will be visible to all users of the library.


Conserving the Library Presses
Having been in almost daily use for over four hundred years, our beautiful oak library presses are in urgent need of repair. A rolling programme has been underway for the past four years, thanks to funding from Old Members. Two presses have been scheduled each year and there are 14 still requiring work. Each one costs some £5,000 to restore. The generosity of funders is to be marked with an individual plaque fixed to the press.



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