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Classics II



Hello! I’m Will and I’m a Classics 1A student at Corpus Christi.

My passion for Classics started at school when I first began learning Latin and Greek. I was drawn not only to the language, but to the ancient world it revealed to me: its literature, its art and its history.

At Oxford you have the chance to study the ancient world in all its forms, no matter how much experience you have had of the subject at school. The University offers fantastic courses for those who haven’t learned Latin or Greek before, and doesn’t expect any prior knowledge – the key is that you’re willing to learn and tackle new material!

Since starting my first year I have studied literature (Iliad, Aeneid, Greek tragedy and comedy), ancient philosophy, theatre, art and archaeology – all alongside fantastic teaching in Latin and Greek language. The faculty runs language classes and lectures on all aspects of the course, as well as regular talks by visiting speakers, and each week I have tutorials and seminars in college.

At Corpus we benefit from a long tradition in Classics, world-class tutors and an incredibly supportive community of classicists. Everyone is keen to help you do as well as you can, so don’t about the work: it’s intense but rewarding, and the college will support you all the way.

What’s more, beyond your studies, there is a whole range of activities to get involved with and plenty of time to enjoy yourself. This year I have played hockey for the University, performed in a student drama production, joined an orchestra, and sung in the Chapel Choir. There are always events going on across the city, and whatever your interests are, there’s something there for you.

If you have any questions about life at Corpus, or studying Classics at Oxford more generally, please do get in touch. I know the application process can be daunting, but I would be delighted to help in any way I can. Corpus is a wonderfully welcoming college and, once term is underway, it soon starts to feel like home.


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