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Biomedical Sciences



Hi, I'm Katharina, now almost through my first year of Biomed at Oxford and really enjoying it so far! I will try to give a little overview of what it means to study at Oxford, at Corpus and the wonderful subject of Biomedical Sciences within the next few paragraphs, but please do not hesitate to drop me an e-mail if you have any other questions or just want a little chat before making the decision to apply.

If you are reading this right now, you are probably in the same situation I was in about two years ago: trying to figure out whether to apply to Oxford, which subject to apply for and, most confusing for me, which college to choose. On top of that were all the fears and worries about the Oxford workload, making new friends and leaving behind the safety of home and family. Let me tell you one thing though: I have not only survived, but I really love my time here! Contrary to rumour, we do not spend all our time in the library in Oxford. Even though the workload is heavy, there is still plenty of time to spend with friends or join some of the many societies and sports teams we have around here.

One of the most important reason for why I like Oxford so much is definitely the college. Corpus has a reputation of being small and friendly, and we live up to it! It only takes fresher's week to get to know most people within your year and some from the older years as well, so you always see people you know around college. Another plus for Corpus is that you get to live very close to college with all the other first years as a fresher, the really nice library and that it is quite central (I literally never have to walk more than 15 minutes to get anywhere!).

In first year, you would have all your tutorials together with the other biomedical sciences students from Corpus. We have at least two tutorials a week, one for genes and molecules and one for cells and body, and occasionally an additional one for brain and behaviour. We also have one to three lectures a day, some of which are shared with the medics, the biochemists or the experimental psychologists. In second year, you then get to completely choose all your lectures, and teaching does not necessarily happen in college. So overall, I would recommend biomed if you want to explore different subjects related to the functioning of a human, ranging from the molecular structure of DNA to the physiology of the heart and psychological concepts like memory and attention. The first year is great to get an overview, and then you can freely choose what you want to specialize in.

I hope to have answered some of your questions. As I already said, write me an email if you have any more, and maybe come to visit on one of the open days!

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