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Hi, my name is Eleanor and I’m currently in my first year reading Biochemistry at Corpus Christi College.

I became interested in Biochemistry after I started to understand the importance of chemistry in explaining the fundamental processes I was learning about in biology. The course focusses both on the chemistry and some of the physics behind biological questions, as well as building on topics previously studied such as genetics, cell biology and metabolism. We have 5 modules: molecular cell biology, organic chemistry, biological chemistry, biophysical chemistry and maths/stats. The fact that the course is so varied in the first year really allows you to grow in understanding of topics very quickly, with later years allowing for more specialisation. In particular, the 4th year research project allows investigation into a topic of your own choosing.

Compared to some other courses, there are a lot of lectures and classes to go to, as well as tutorials. This, however, allows you to improve and get to grips with concepts in good time for exams at the end of the final term. The tutors and lecturers are always very helpful and supportive, as well as the other biochemists in college.

College life at Corpus is completely different to anything I have experienced before but has been so much fun to be a part of this year. The college is quite small, about 70 in each undergrad year, but this means there’s a really welcoming community-feel as soon as you walk in. There are loads of societies and events to get involved with- I’m part of the college Christian union and the chapel choir and I’ve also taken up rowing for the summer. It’s also worth mentioning that Corpus is in a great location- about 5 mins from the centre of town, but less than a minutes’ walk from Christ Church meadows.

If you want to know anything more about the course, college life or Oxford in general, feel free to email me!


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