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Benefits of Studying at Corpus

Being a Corpus student carries with it a number of benefits and opportunities, and these enrich the lives of our members while they are studying at Oxford University.

Prizes, scholarships and exhibitions

The College awards a large number of prizes, scholarships and exhibitions to students whose academic achievements are particularly impressive.  Any student who comes in the top 5% of their first public examination is eligible for a Fox prize, named after the founder and worth £500.  Students who get Firsts or Distinctions in any examination before their Finals, or whose work is outstandingly impressive in other ways, are eligible for scholarships, valued at £200. Those whose work is coming on strongly and are at the threshold of first-class achievement may be awarded exhibitions, of £100. We hold an annual dinner to celebrate the attainments of our scholars and exhibitioners; a special guest speaks after dinner, and students get to join other leading academic guests at their tables.

Expanding Horizons Scholarship

The Expanding Horizons Scholarship is open to all current undergraduates and graduates (including finalists). Up to three students are awarded scholarships to spend between 4 and 8 weeks in the United States or in a non-OECD country during the summer vacation.The scholarships each provide up to a maximum of £5,000 and will offer the recipients an opportunity to experience the United States or a non-OECD country with the aim of building connections to form a basis for greater understanding and shared purpose, allowing the recipient to expand their horizons and hopefully have a transformative experience. Recipients of the Scholarship are asked to provide a report on their experiences; the reports of the inaugural scholars in 2017 and the scholars who received an award in 2018 are available in the Expanding Horizons Booklet 2017 and 2018.  

The Scholarship has run for 2 years and it is anticipated that they will be awarded again in 2019.  

Vacation residence credit

The College supports study in the vacations by offering financial support to each student for up to 14 days (21 days for finalists) residence out of term each year for academic purposes, and students may receive larger grants on application. We try to be as flexible as we can in allowing students to come up for slightly longer periods at their own expense.

Travel grants

Corpus undergraduates are able to apply for up to £200 every two years to support the costs of intellectually valuable travel.  In recent years, grants have been made to students visiting Greece and Rome to see sites of classical importance, to people making research trips to Scotland, Ireland and Liverpool (in pursuit of Scottish unionism, the haunts of W. B. Yeats, and the works of Adrian Henri, respectively), to medical students who worked with drug addicts in Madrid and HIV sufferers in Lesotho, to a history student working on the lives of workers in rural Spain, to a physicist attending an international summer school in Germany, and to materials students gaining work experience all over the world.

Students are asked to write a short report on their experiences; extracts from some of these are presented here.

Book and equipment grants

All our undergraduate students are able to apply for help with the cost of their books and/or scientific equipment, up to a total of £100.

President's Seminars

Every term, the President arranges a seminar, at which prominent figures from different walks of life come and discuss issues of interest and importance. There is an open talk, with questions, and then a smaller dinner, with more questions and discussion, for interested students.

Visitors have included Sir Roger Penrose, Hassan Al-Damluji, Edward Fitzgerald CBE QC, Professor Edward Fraenkel FRS,  Surgeon Commodore Peter Buxton (Commander of the Defence Medical Group), Martin Wolf (the Financial Commentator and Associate Editor of the Financial Times), Xenia Dormandy (an analyst of US affairs at Chatham House), Rupert Elderkin (member of the prosecuting team at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia) and Hector Sants (Chief Executive of the Financial Services Authority).

Financial Support

Should you suffer financial hardship, the College's Maintenance Committee regularly gives grants to students to help alleviate the problem. More information can be found under Student Support.







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