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Alumni Stories

Studying at Corpus Christi provides students with the knowledge, skills and the experiences to forge successful careers in a wide range of fields after they have graduated. To get a glimpse of some of the careers our alumni have embarked upon, and to find out how their time at Corpus influenced their choices and helped them in their chosen field of work, read their stories below:

Mr John Beresford              Law (Jurisprudence) - 2008-2011

Mr Ben Krishna                   Biochemistry - 2008-2012

Miss Preeti Dhillon               History and Politics - 2007-2010


Dr James Betteridge            Medicine - 2003-2009

Dr Sarah Crowther              Chemistry - 1995-1999

Dr Andrew Purkiss              Modern History - 1967-1970

Mr Gerard Baker                  PPE - 1980-1964

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