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“We should have care to provide for the increase of learning and for such as by their learning shall do good in the Church and Commonwealth.” Hugh Oldham, Founding Benefactor.

Corpus’s Founder, Bishop Richard Fox, passed his new College of Corpus Christi into the hands of its first President, John Claymond and the Fellows on 5 March 1517. Five hundred years on, the College remains a place where humane scholarship can be advanced and where young people can develop their minds in readiness to make a real contribution to the wider world. With this aim the College has embarked upon an ambitious fundraising campaign. The campaign will:

  • deliver a new home for its historic library collections (some items dating back to the 9th century)

  • secure the future of several tutorial posts

  • improve undergraduate bursaries and create much-needed postgraduate studentships

  • fund a Junior Research Fellowship in History

  • provide the resources for an outreach programme that will encourage young women from state schools to read science subjects at university

The sum of our ambitions will require us to raise £30 million. Since October 2010, the College has been in a quiet phase of campaigning, during which it has secured funds to the value of just over £10 million. As we approach and move through our Quincentenary year and beyond, we will seek to raise the balance of our target sum. To do this we will have to draw on the loyalty of our Old Members and the help of friends and well-wishers across the world.

Corpus will also be hosting over 30 events throughout the year, both in Oxford and across the world for its alumni and friends to celebrate our 500th anniversary.

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