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Hi! My name is Anisa and I am currently finishing up my first year of biochemistry at Corpus Christi. The past year has been full of new beginnings, from starting university and moving away from home to becoming accustomed to the course and meeting new people – things that filled me with trepidation at first, but I’ve now adapted to them and am making the most out of it all!

I decided to study biochemistry after greatly enjoying biology and chemistry at A-Level but not wanting to specialise specifically in either of those subjects. In biochemistry, you study a wide range of different topics, which are interesting and enjoyable. Applying to Oxford was a decision I made not expecting to actually get an interview, let alone an offer, so I would really encourage you to come to open days to see how the university is like and apply – the process isn’t as scary as it seems.

Studying biochemistry at Oxford is an intense yet rewarding experience. In first year, five modules are covered: Biological Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Molecular Cell Biology, Biophysical Chemistry and Maths & Statistics. Alongside this, there is a practical element to the course, where most Fridays are spent in the lab carrying out an experiment. There are about 2-3 lectures a day, and classes and workshops provide additional support for understanding the content. Furthermore, Oxford has its college-based tutorial system, where, once or twice a week, an essay or a problem sheet is set to be completed. In the tutorials, any issues with the work are explained and there is a general discussion to help you gain an appreciation for the topic and for biochemistry. At the end of the year, prelims (“preliminary examinations”) are taken in each module.

Life at Oxford came as a surprise to me; I come from a state school from which no one has been admitted into Oxford before, and so I thought that I wouldn’t fit in here. However, I was wrong – there are so many different people to meet and societies to join, and it’s a case of being able to make new friends every term! Furthermore, the independence that comes along with moving away from home is also something I’ve come to appreciate. There’s a wide range of support available for any struggles and problems you may come across, such as your college tutors, the welfare team, and the university’s counselling service.

Corpus Christi is a small and friendly college that is located near the town centre and other colleges, with no more than a 15 minute walk to get to the science area where lectures and classes are usually held. Despite making an open application, I’m glad that I was allocated to this college.

If you have any questions, please email me!


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