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The Development Office, created in 2001, exists to promote good relations between Old Members and their alma mater, hosting numerous events for Old Members in College and elsewhere. The Development Office is responsible for fundraising, and encourages the support of its Old Members in the College's ongoing fundraising appeal to raise monies to secure existing academic posts, provide student bursaries and fund new buildings vital to the future of the College. The President and Fellows are grateful for the continued generosity and good-will of Old Members in their efforts to ensure that the College continues to thrive as a centre of academic excellence.

Our privacy policy detailing about how we hold information on our alumni and donors can be found here.

If you would like to get in touch, here are our contact details:

Director of Development
Nick Thorn
Tel: 01865 276702
Deputy Director of Development
Ben Armstrong
Tel: 01865 616797

Head of Alumni Relations

Sarah Salter
Tel: 01865 276738




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