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The main service each week takes place on Sundays at 5.45 pm. The form of service is usually either Choral Evensong or a Sung Eucharist. 

Evensong is a service of the Word, drawing profoundly on the Bible. There is always a Psalm, two Bible readings (one from the Old and one from the New Testaments) and two ‘canticles' (or ‘songs') taken from the Gospel of Luke known as the Magnificat and the Nunc Dimittis (see Luke 1.46-55 and 2.29-32). Prayers are offered for our world's needs.
A Sung Eucharist is also known as Holy Communion, the Lord's Supper or the Mass. It is service of Word and Sacrament, again profoundly rooted in the Bible. There are three Biblical readings and as a community, we pray for the needs of the world. We also offer to God bread and wine, acting in faithfulness to Jesus’ command to ‘do this’, in thanksgiving for all his goodness, and in which Christ makes himself known to us in the sharing of the sacrament of Holy Communion (e.g. Luke 22.14-19; 24.13-35). All baptised people or those who have communicant status in their own denomination are always welcome to receive Holy Communion.

Both services include a sermon, in which the meaning of the Good News of Christ is shared and explored, and visiting preachers represent an ecumenical range of Christian denominations and theological traditions. Music plays a large part in both services, drawing on the richness of sacred music from across the centuries. Its purpose is to praise God and to deepen our sense of his loving presence.

During the week there are occasional informal said services of Holy Communion at lunchtime, followed by lunch in the Chaplain's room. Compline (the ‘Night Office’) is usually sung a few times a term followed by hot chocolate and cake.  Times of these services are in the on the Chapel termcard.

Who is welcome? 

Everyone: the committed, the enquirer, the honest doubter. There is no ‘test' to enter the Chapel - its doors are open to all.


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