Corpus Christi College Oxford

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The graduate culture at Corpus is characterised by academic seriousness combined with a lack of pretentiousness and a strong sense of community.

As well as providing excellent facilities, the College fosters a lively intellectual, multi-disciplinary and international environment, with strong representation in the humanities, social sciences and the sciences in the Middle Common Room, as well as good interaction with the Fellowship. Each graduate member has a Graduate Adviser assigned from the Fellowship from the appropriate discipline, who, along with the student's supervisor, the Tutor for Graduates and the President, takes an interest and monitors the academic progress of our graduates.

Some of the benefits for graduates at Corpus include:

  • Guaranteed two years of College housing

  • A commitment to a number of jointly funded College/Faculty graduate studentships

  • One of the best college libraries in Oxford

  • Termly Adviser lunches and high table dining rights

  • Monday joint lunches with the SCR in term

  • Joint SCR/MCR Friday lunchtime seminars

  • Senior Scholarships, with stipend and generous dining rights for DPhil students in their third or fourth year of study

  • Travel grants to help graduates attend conferences and pursue research projects outside Oxford

  • A generous academic expenses scheme to help towards the purchase of books or other academic expenses

  • Maintenance Committee to provide financial support for students

  • A well structured and responsive College welfare network

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