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What our priorities are and how we are doing

Corpus Christi's main priorities (in cooperation with the University of Oxford) are to:
• Admit students with the highest academic potential, irrespective of their economic, social or ethnic background
• Provide the teaching and facilities to enable them to achieve their full potential.
• Provide a social environment and a range of non-academic activities to enable students to develop as individuals.
• Attract and retain academic staff of the highest quality.
• Provide an environment for our academic staff to optimise their ability to carry out outstanding research.

Additional priorities are to:
• Attract and retain high quality non-academic staff.
• Maintain our historic buildings to a high standard.
• Manage the College on a financially sound basis.
• Ensure the College's future financial viability by effective management of the endowment and through fund-raising.

How we are doing
The College's recent academic performance has been excellent.
• In 2009/10, Corpus was ranked second amongst the Oxford colleges in terms of undergraduate finals grades (see Norrington Table).
• 8 out of 30 candidates for graduate taught degrees in 2009/10 achieved Distinctions.
• A further 18 graduate students were awarded the DPhil.
• All the College's academic Fellows were entered for the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise as members of their respective faculties or departments. As such, they contributed to Oxford University's outstanding success in the RAE (top-ranked amongst all British universities).

The College's Annual Accounts are available on the University website and show how the College is performing financially.

An Annual Review is published by the University.

Governing Body
The Governing Body of the College consists of the President and Fellows; it has responsibility for the management of the affairs of the College. The College is regulated in accordance with the College Statutes (currently in the process of being revised; they will be available to download once they have been approved by Privy Council). The College Bylaws (currently in the process of being drawn up; they will be available to download in due course) are additional rules made by the Governing Body. The Governing Body is responsible for the ongoing strategic direction of the College, for its administration and for the management of its finances and assets. It meets regularly under the chairmanship of the President and is advised by a range of committees.



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