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Visiting Students


Visiting Students are expected to study at Corpus for a full academic year and follow, as far as possible, a normal undergraduate programme. Visiting Student applications are welcomed from any non-UK university from non-British students who are currently midway through a course. We do not accept applications for less than the full academic year. Normally, Visiting Students will be expected to follow the second year undergraduate course. Students cannot obtain a formal qualification for the year they spend in Oxford but the College can provide an academic transcript at the end of the year. All Visiting Students are considered full members of the College and enjoy all the normal rights to University facilities such as libraries, lectures, and laboratories.  See the Visiting Student Policy for more information.

Further information, including entry criteria and fees for Visiting Students, can be found on the Visiting Student pages of the University website.

We are not able to offer visiting student places for the academic year 2020-21.

 If you have any questions about the scheme please email


For information on similar schemes elsewhere in the university please click here.



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