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Visiting Readers

Full access to the Library and the modern collection is limited to current members of the college. Members of Oxford University, and all other readers, are welcome to make appointments to consult individual items, as long as the modern material they require is not available elsewhere in the University or online.  Please consult the guidance for the modern library before contacting the Library in advance of any visit to the College.

While the Library and Archives exist primarily to serve the needs of members of the college, Corpus Christi welcomes visiting researchers with a legitimate reason to access the special collections.  (For more information about the collections, please see our Collections and catalogues pages).  Facilities for visiting scholars are, however, limited.  All readers wishing to consult early printed books, manuscripts and/or items from the archives must email or write in advance to request an appointment having first consulted the relevant Special collections guidance concerning appointments, access and usage.

Library and Archive annual closures:

Please note the College is closed between Christmas and New Year, and over the four day Easter weekend, which means the Library and Archives are closed and not available to any readers during those periods.  In addition, the Library is usually closed for two weeks in August for a stock check and maintenance work.  Please see the guidance relating to the modern library and the special collections for more details about weeks when appointments will not be possible, planned closures etc.

General note for the summer months:

Special collection reader spaces are limited, and staff have to take leave during university vacations.  The long vacation is often our busiest time, as academic researchers are more free to undertake research and people from overseas often take advantage of the conference season to come to the UK and Oxford.  Therefore, between June and September, it is advisable to apply at least eight weeks in advance for an appointment.


Registration and access to the special collections usually involves two flights of stairs (and access to the main library, for the modern collection, one flight of stairs).  More information about the aids and assistance we can provide to readers can be found here.  Please let us know in advance if any help is likely to be required.

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