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Visiting Research Fellows and Visiting Research Scholars

Each year the College elects one or more Visiting Research Fellows and Visiting Research Scholars. Visiting Research Fellowships are intended for persons of high academic distinction; The position of Visiting Research Scholar is intended for persons at least five years beyond their doctorate.

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Visiting Fellow 2016-17


Professor Richard Kraut

Richard Kraut is the Charles E. and Emma H. Morrison Professor in the Humanities at Northwestern University. He holds appointments in the Departments of Philosophy and Classics. His two main philosophical interests are ancient Greek and Roman philosophy (particularly the ethical and political theories of Plato and Aristotle) and contemporary moral and political philosophy His publications include Against Absolute Goodness (Oxford: 2011), What is Good and Why: The Ethics of Well-Being (Harvard, 2007), and Aristotle: Political Philosophy (Oxford: 2002). At Corpus he will be writing about the proper role, in a good life, of virtue, pleasure, happiness, reality, and time.


Visiting Scholar 2016-17

Professor David Williams (Hilary and Trinity Terms)

David Williams is Professor of Law at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. He has tertiary qualifications in history, law and theology from Wellington, Oxford and Dar es Salaam. As a legal history independent researcher and as an academic he has engaged with claims by indigenous Maori against the Crown. Previously he has been elected to visiting positions at Exeter and St John’s in Oxford. At Corpus in 2017 he will be completing a book arising from anthropology/law interdisciplinary research funded by the Royal Society of New Zealand on the ‘Crown’ in New Zealand and the Commonwealth.


















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