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Corpus Christi is an academically ambitious College located at the heart of Oxford City Centre. Founded as an institution for Renaissance learning, it is a friendly but intellectually engaged community with a diverse, dedicated and dynamic scholarly environment.

The Undergraduate community at Corpus is committed, mature, and well supported by the fantastic range of resources we are able to offer our students. If you are an enthusiastic and bright student who would like to contribute to a creative and intellectually stimulating academic environment then we hope you will take this opportunity to find out more about our College.

Through these pages, we aim to give you a sense of life at Corpus and to tell you about what the College has to offer its students, both academically and socially. You will find information on our fellows and tutors, the courses that we offer and the benefits available to Corpus students as well as an overview of the application process. If there is any information you require which is not contained within this section of our website, please do not hesitate to contact our Access and Admissions Administrator.

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