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The services we offer

College: The College is a constituent college of the University of Oxford; information on all of the colleges can be found on the University website. The College exists to provide education through stimulating teaching and focused research and supports the teaching and research of undergraduate and graduate students.

Admissions: Details on admissions, including the College prospectus, can be found on both the College website (undergraduate and graduate) as well as the University website (undergraduate and graduate). Details on undergraduate courses can also be found on the University website.

Access: The College has a dedicated Access and Admissions Officer who plays an active role in raising aspiration and widening participation through a number of initiatives including three Open Days a year.

Student services: Current students can find the majority of information they will require on the College's internal Weblearn pages and in the College Rules and General Information.

Funding: Information on income, expenditure and assets can be obtained in the College's published accounts.

Information on undergraduate student funding is available in the financial guide and for both graduates and undergraduates on the student funding pages of the University website.

Chapel: The College Chapel is open daily to all worshippers; members of the public are warmly welcomed to all Chapel services.

Sport provision: The College shares a sports ground with University College and provides basic membership of the University Gym and Swimming Pool.

Information for alumni: The College attempts to keep in touch with all of its alumni and arranges a number of events throughout the year. Further details can be found on the alumni pages of this website.

News: The College regularly posts news about its Fellows, students and alumni on the news page of its website. The Development Office produce a Newsletter for alumni and the Pelican Record, providing news, information and articles, is produced annually for students, staff and alumni.

IT and intranet provision: The College shares an I.T. department with Oriel College. The team has a wide ranging scope of responsibility including IT support for academic and non-academic staff, students and conference delegates; network and back-office infrastructure security and maintenance; audio visual support and numerous other technical areas. The College uses the WebLearn intranet to provide as much information electronically as possible. IT regulations can be accessed through WebLearn.

Library and Archives: The modern library is open to current members of the College, on a reference basis, 24 hours a day. Books and DVDs may be borrowed only when the Issue Desk is open.

The archives comprise administrative records of the college, its estates, and papers created by a few members. Records of the college proper begin with deeds of the site of the college 1513, accounts 1521, and decisions of the governing body 1748. Records of college estates include deeds, surveys, court rolls and maps, and date from the thirteenth century onwards. The archives are available for the purposes of academic research by appointment with the Archivist.



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