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King Edward Street Medical Practice
9 King Edward Street
Oxford OX1 4JA
Tel: 01865 242657


Congratulations on getting your place! We would like to welcome you to Oxford and to your College Doctors.

This practice has a long history of looking after students and acting as public health adviser to the University and its colleges. Remember you don’t have to be physically sick to come and see us – we can help with exam stress, general anxiety or low mood, and we offer ‘lifestyle advice’ on a range of topics including healthy eating, physical activity, travel health, smoking and drinking, contraception and sexual health.

Your time here should be enjoyable and productive – if it isn’t, come and see if we can help.


It is a requirement of the NHS and the University that students are registered with a doctor at their University, not at home.

Please register online using the link - Please do not leave registering until you need to see a doctor. If you were to become ill at Oxford, changing doctor at the same time may add to your stress.

There are several benefits to being registered with the college doctor.

 We can act as a gateway to all other sources of help for students.
 We can arrange referral to local hospitals either NHS or privately. (Waiting times can be lengthy for some consultants).
 We can liaise with college authorities at times of exams, etc. (but only with your express permission – we would never discuss your medical issues with your parents, anyone in the College, your friends or your family unless you ask us to do so), (see College website for rules of confidentiality).

If you need to see your home GP during the vacation, please make sure you are seen as a temporary resident otherwise you will be removed from the college doctors’ patient list and your notes will be sent away.


If you are taking regular medication we will need to set up repeat prescriptions for you. Please make an appointment to see a GP at the Practice when you arrive in Oxford so that we can organise this.

There are some medicines and treatments that are not available through the NHS and some are not on our own practice formulary i.e. we won’t prescribe them. We are happy to prescribe effective alternatives for you.

N.B. A charge is made by the chemist which is currently £9.00 for each prescription item (from April 2019). If you know you are going to require long-term medication, 3 month (£29.10) and 12 month (£104) prepayment certificates often work out cheaper.

It is particularly important to check whether you have had all your immunisations before you arrive. The Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccine and the Meningitis A,C,W & Y (Men ACWY) vaccine are strongly recommended as these infections circulate rapidly in the student community. Over recent years we have had several mini-epidemics in Oxford of Measles and Mumps. If you have missed any of these immunisations, we can give them to you but immunity takes time to develop.


College Nurse
The College has a College Nurse based on the premises and has a mix of morning and afternoon sessions during term time. Her service is provided free to you. She offers health advice and support as well as treatment for minor ailments. She will visit you in your College Room if you are ill and you have requested her to do so.

College Doctor
The surgery is open Monday to Friday from 8a.m. to 6p.m. A limited number of evening and weekend appointments are also available. If you have a medical problem, in the first instance you should contact your College Doctor’s Practice for advice from a GP or the Practice Nurse. The telephone number for the practice is 01865 242657.

If your problem occurs outside surgery hours, and it is a genuine emergency, you should contact the Out of Hours Service. The number to call is 111.

“Studental” provide dental services to all students. Appointments can be booked on-line at or by telephoning 01865 689997. Please note that dental care will be charged at NHS rates, and is proportional to treatment received.

Out of Hours Service
This service is for genuine medical emergencies only and should be used on weekdays between the hours of 6.30p.m. and 8a.m. and from Friday night at 6.30p.m. until 8a.m. on Monday morning. This service is also available if the surgery is closed for any other reason i.e. a Bank Holiday. This service should not be used for routine repeat prescriptions. The number to call for this service is 111.

Accident and Emergency Department (A&E)

Wherever practicable, please contact either your College Doctor’s Practice or telephone 111 to contact the Out of Hours Service before attending A&E.
You should only attend this Department if there is a dire emergency which cannot wait until the College Nurse or College Doctor are back on duty and cannot be dealt with by the Out of Hours Service. Always phone the College Nurse, College Doctor or Out of Hours FIRST.

We work for the National Health Service (NHS). All students who are studying in the UK full-time for a year or more are deemed ‘ordinarily resident’ and thus they (and their dependents) are entitled to register with the NHS. This is a government-led service, funded through British tax-payers and the ‘immigration health surcharge’ that some overseas visitors are required to pay with their visa application. As a patient, you can access the entire NHS through your College Doctor who is a General Practitioner (GP) but you cannot consult a medical specialist without going through your GP first.

Short-term students can also consult their College Doctor free of charge but are not always eligible for full NHS access and if referred for hospital treatment it is possible they will be charged by the hospital. There are exceptions to these rules that ensure certain conditions (mainly infectious diseases and acute psychiatric events) are treated by hospitals without charge. However it is advisable for short-term students to take out separate medical travel insurance or to carry a valid European Health Insurance Card.

You can find out what medical care you can access for free on UKCISA’s excellent website:

Treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
NHS GPs are unable to prescribe drugs for the treatment of ADHD unless the condition meets the strict criteria for the diagnosis in the UK. These criteria differ to those in the USA and some other countries. When you arrive in Oxford you may find you are not entitled to NHS prescriptions and if this is the case you will need to see a private GP or Specialist to get your prescriptions privately. We can help to arrange this for you but you will find that the consultations and prescriptions are expensive. For these reasons, it may be simplest either to bring sufficient supplies with you or to make arrangements for your medication to be sent to you from home.

Your responsibilities as a patient

 It is vitally important for the practice to have an up to date contact telephone number and email address for you. Please make sure the practice has this.
 If you change your address or phone number throughout your time in Oxford please let the practice know.
 Please be prompt for your appointment and please cancel an appointment if it is no longer needed. Cancelling an appointment is not a problem but failing to cancel an appointment prevents someone else from being seen that day.

Please have a look at our website where you will find advice for minor ailments and further information about us or email the practice manager Matthew Bramall on 

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