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It is always good to see what graduates have achieved whilst they are a student.  Below is a selection of Corpus' graduate achievements.

Current students:


Melanie Holihead (2008, English Local History)

Melanie, a part-time student, has just had published (Nov 2015) an article 'Cut adrift or towed astern: sailors’ wives in mid-nineteenth century Portsea Island considered in perspective', Journal for Maritime Research, Volume 7, Issue 2, 2015, pp.155-168, DOI:10.1080/21533369.2015.1094985.  Quintin Colville, Director of the National Maritime Museum has written the following in his introductory article for the magazine:

"Melanie Holihead examines the space of the port city to examine the lives of sailors’ wives. She ventures behind the stereotype of the Royal Naval sailor’s wife to recover a series of complex social realities. The gendered construct of this figure as morally compromised and ‘rough’ had much in common with the public appreciation of the sailor himself, and was typically fashioned by ignorance and projection rather than close familiarity. Holihead replaces this obfuscating trope with an account of female economic ingenuity, resilience and considerable respectability. Analyses of the naval ‘community’ have typically left the wives (and the families) of servicemen in obscurity. Although Holihead acknowledges that little evidence survives with which to explore the inner lives, aspirations and fears of these women, her work provides new insight into their kinship networks, patterns of employment and the significant degree of security they could draw from the navy’s system of ‘allotments’."


Jim Everett (2012, Psychology)

Jim, a D.Phil student in Experimental Psychology, has also been made a Research Associate at the Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics at Oxford, and has recently spent time at Yale University as a Visiting Scholar. He has now been awarded a prestigious Fulbright Award to spend 6 months as a Fellow at Harvard. Some of Jim’s recent publications include:

Everett, J.A.C., Faber, N.S., & Crockett, M. (2015). Preferences and beliefs in ingroup favouritism. Frontiers in Behavioural Neuroscience 9(15).
Kahane, G.**, Everett, J.A.C.**, Earp., B.D., Farias, M., & Savulescu, J. (2015). 'Utilitarian' judgments in sacrificial dilemmas do not reflect impartial concern for the greater good. Cognition. (134): 193-209.
Everett, J.A.C., Schellhaas, F.M.H., Earp, B.D., Ando, V., Memarzia, J., Parise, C., Fell, B., & Hewstone, M. (2015). Covered in stigma? The impact of differing levels of Islamic head-covering on explicit and implicit biases towards Muslim women. Journal of Applied Social Psychology.
Everett, J.A.C., Caviola, L., Kahane, G., Savulescu, J., & Faber, N.S (2014). Doing good by doing nothing? The role of social norms in explaining default effects in altruistic contexts. European Journal of Social Psychology.
Earp, B. D.**, Everett, J.A.C **., Madva, E. N., & Hamlin, J. K. (2014). Out, damned spot: Can the “Macbeth Effect” be replicated? Basic and Applied Social Psychology 39 (1), p.91-98.
Everett, J. A. C. (2013). The 12 Item Social and Economic Conservatism Scale (SECS). PlosOne 8(12).

He has also attended the British Psychological Society Social Psychology Conference where he presented a talk and a poster and was awarded a post-graduate bursary.

Kalina Slaska-Sapala (2012, Classics)

Kalina has had an article published in the International Journal of the Classical Tradition and a review in 'Translation and Literature'.

Hannah Dawson (2014, Geography)

Hannah came to Corpus in 2010 and read for the MPhil in Development Studies.She returned to the College in October 2014 and is now studying for a DPhil in Geography.  She had the following two papers published last year based on her MPhil thesis:

 Dawson, H., (2014), Youth politics: waiting and envy in a South African informal settlement, Journal of Southern African Studies, 40(4): 861-882.

 Dawson, H., (2014), Patronage from below: political unrest in an informal settlement in South Africa, African Affairs, 113(453): 518-539.


Matthew O'Shea (2012, Clinical Medicine)

Matt has received the following awards and scholarships: Senior Scholarship, Corpus Christi College, Oxford (2014); Wellcome Trust Research Training Fellowship (2014); British Lung Foundation Burrow Hill Research Grant (2013)

He has also given two presentations:

The Royal Society of Medicine, Military Medicine Research Meeting (London, December 2013). A presentation on the effect of gastrointestinal parasites on interferon-gamma release assays. Awarded the Colt Foundation research prize for best presentation.

Infectious Diseases Society of America conference (San Francisco, October 2013). Awarded an International Investigator Award to attend and present on screening strategies for latent tuberculosis infection in migrants.

and published the following papers:

Wells TJ, Whitters D, Sevastsyanovich YR, Heath JN, Pravin J, Goodall M, Browning DF, O'Shea MK, Cranston A, De Soyza A, Cunningham AF, MacLennan CA, Henderson IR, Stockley RA. Increased severity of respiratory infections associated with elevated anti-LPS IgG2 which inhibits serum bactericidal killing. J Exp Med. 2014 Aug 11. pii: jem.20132444.

Matsumiya M, Harris SA, Satti I, Stockdale L, Tanner R, O'Shea MK, Tameris M, Mahomed H, Hatherill M, Scriba TJ, Hanekom WA, McShane H, Fletcher HA. Inflammatory and myeloid-associated gene expression before and one day after infant vaccination with MVA85A correlates with induction of a T cell response. BMC Infect Dis. 2014 Jun 9;14:314. doi: 10.1186/1471-2334-14-314.

Harris SA, Satti I, Matsumiya M, Stockdale L, Chomka A, Tanner R, O'Shea MK, Manjaly Thomas ZR, Tameris M, Mahomed H, Scriba TJ, Hanekom WA, Fletcher HA, McShane H.
Process of assay selection and optimisation for the study of case and control samples from a phase IIb efficacy trial of the candidate Tuberculosis vaccine MVA85A. Clin Vaccine Immunol. 2014 May 14. pii: CVI.00128-14.

O'Shea MK, Fletcher TE, Beeching NJ, Dedicoat M, Spence D, McShane H, Cunningham AF, Wilson D. Tuberculin skin testing and treatment modulates interferon-gamma release assay results for latent tuberculosis in migrants. PLoS One. 2014 May 9;9(5):e97366. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0097366.

O'Shea MK, Koh GC, Munang M, Smith G, Banerjee A, Dedicoat M. Time-To-Detection in Culture Predicts Risk of Mycobacterium tuberculosis transmission: A Cohort Study. Clin Infect Dis. 2014 Apr 11.

O'Shea MK, Fletcher TE, Tupper D, Ross D, Wilson D. Screening for latent tuberculosis and gastrointestinal parasite infections in Gurkha recruits: research driving policy change. J R Army Med Corps. 2014 Mar 7. doi: 10.1136/jramc-2014-000259.

Piet Schönherr (2013, Physics)

Piet has recently had a third paper published - Schönherr, P. et al. Comparison of Au and TiO2 based catalysts for the synthesis of chalcogenide nanowires. Applied Physics Letters 104, 253103 (2014).

Merlin Cooper (2010, Physics)

Merlin has recently published in the journal Nature Communications.  The article is entitled 'Local mapping of detector response for reliable quantum state estimation'; the broad sense of the work is to enable accurate determination of the state of a quantum system without knowing the response of the measurement apparatus used to interrogate it.

Duncan Hay (2011, Chemistry)

Recently won the MedChemComm poster prize at the 17th RSC/SCI Medicinal Chemistry Symposium in Cambridge.

Eleanor Grieveson (2010, Materials)

Ele was awarded the Best Student Paper at the SOFE conference earlier this summer

Natalie Pearson (2010, Mathematics)

Natalie has recently published the following paper:Multiphase modelling of the influence of fluid flow and chemical concentration on tissue growth in a hollow fibre membrane bioreactor Natalie C. Pearson; Rebecca J. Shipley; Sarah L. Waters; James M. Oliver Mathematical Medicine and Biology 2013; doi: 10.1093/imammb/dqt015

and has also presented at these conferences:

Oral presentation: IMA Conference on Mathematics of Medical Devices and Surgical Procedures, University College London (Sept 2012) Poster presentation: TERMIS-EU Meeting, Istanbul (June 2013)

James Egleton (2011, Chemistry)

James has recently had a paper published on Breast Cancer Biomarker Detection and won a poster prize at the ESMEC conference in Urbino, Italy.  He also gave a prize talk at the conference.

Eirik Bjorge (2008, Law)

Eirik has been appointed to the three-year Shaw Foundation JRF in Law at Jesus College, Oxford with effect from October 2013.  We congratulate Eirik on this fantastic achievement.


Melanie Holihead (2009, History p-t)

Melanie, a part-time DPhil student in History, has been awarded the 2012 Julian Corbett Prize for modern naval history for her MSc dissertation ‘Portsea Poll, poor Poll? The social condition of wives and families receiving allotments of pay from Royal Navy sailors in mid-nineteenth century Portsea Town' ( It will shortly be published in the Bulletin of the Institute of Historical Research. 

In late July Melanie spoke at two conferences. The first conference, Navy and Nation: 1688 to the Present, was at the National Maritime Museum:; the second was at Portsmouth University's Port Towns and Urban Cultures conference


Alexander Hearmon (2010, Physics)

Alex has recently had two publications:

Hearmon et. al, Phys. Rev. B 85 014115 (2012) ;

Hearmon et. al, Phys. Rev. Lett. 108 237201 (2012) ;

and has presented at a number of conferences:

American Physical Society March Meeting, Boston (Mar 2012), see ;

CMMP11 conference, Manchester (Dec 2011), see ;

Diamond Light Source User Meeting (Sep 2011), see ;

Oxford Symposium on Quantum Materials 2011/2012, see


Eirik Bjorge (2008, Law)

Eirik has had a number of articles published in the last year:

‘How the Scope of Human Rights at the National Level Impacts upon Convention Rights' in E Brems & J Gerards (eds), Shaping Rights: The Role of the European Court of Human Rights in Determining the Scope of Human Rights (Cambridge University Press 2013 forthcoming)

‘Review: Brownlie's Pinciples of Public International Law and Brierly's Law of Nations' (2013) 129 Law Quarterly Review (forthcoming)

(with M Andenas) ‘National Implementation of ECHR Rights' in G Ulfstein and others (eds), The European Court of Human Rights in a National, European, and International Context (Cambridge University Press 2013 forthcoming) 

‘The Kandyrine de Brito Paiva case' (2012) 106 American Journal of International Law 353-59

(with M Andenas) ‘Human Rights and Acts by Troops Abroad: Rights and Jurisdictional Issues' (2012) 18 European Public Law 473-92

(with F Fontanelli) ‘FYROM v Greece' (2012) 61 International & Comparative Law Quarterly 775-84

(with M Andenas) ‘Ambrose: Is the Ullah Principle Wrong?' (2012) 128 Law Quarterly Review 319-23

‘Drittwirkung of International Human Rights Treaties' in R Wolfrum (ed), Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law (Oxford University Press 2012)

(with M Andenas) ‘L'application de la Convention européenne des droits de l'homme: quel rôle pour le juge interne?' [2012] Revue international de droit compare 383-414


George Knee (2010, Materials)

George is interested in both the meaning and interpretation of quantum theory and also its application to the every day world. He has published the following papers in the field of 'quantum foundations': the first, Violation of a Leggett-Garg inequality with ideal non-invasive measurements( appeared in Nature Communications in 2012 and was a joint theory and experiment paper testing the reality of strange quantum superposition states. Working closely with an international team of collaborators enabled a quite startling conclusion to be drawn: at the quantum level, the world isn't really there when you don't look at it! A second paper( appearing in New Journal of Physics critically analysed similar work by other authors, making for an interesting debate about the true implications of such experiments for the nature of reality. Both articles are 'Open Access' and freely available online.

On the more applied side, George has published a paper concerning the use of quantum mechanics in new technologies. Quantum sensors based on weak-value amplification cannot overcome decoherence appeared( in Physical Review A. It is an in-depth calculation concerning the ability of strange quantum interference effects to enhance the performance of nano-scale sensors (such as ultra-sensitive magnetic field probes).

George has also been involved in bringing the strange world of quantum mechanics to life for the general public, through the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition. The Quantum of Spin website( has more information.

Katie Doig (2010, Physics)

Katie has attended the following meetings:

Oxford symposium on Quantum Materials 2012; Oxford (talk)
CMMP-12 (Condensed Matter and Materials Physics); Edinburgh (talk)
MRS-Fall12 (Materials Research Society); Boston (poster)
APS-March13 (American Physical Society); Altimeter (talk submitted) PRL (Physical review Letters) Paper Submitted

Andrew Dyson (2009, Law)

Andy published: ‘British Westinghouse Revisited' [2012] LMCLQ 412-425 in August this year. He has another paper forthcoming and has a variety of unpublished conference papers.

Andy gave a paper at the Obligations VI Conference at the University of Western Ontario, Canada in July 2012, entitled: ‘Recover for Avoided Loss: A New Account of Mitigation'.


Former students:


James Studd (2006, Philosophy)

We were delighted to hear that James has been elected as a University Lecturer in the Philosophy of Mathematics at Oxford and will hold a Fellowship at Lady Margaret Hall.  He has said that 'Corpus Christi provided a hugely welcoming and productive academic environment, which enabled me to make the very most of my time as a Graduate student, first on the notoriously rigorous BPhil in Philosophy and subsequently as a DPhil student, focusing on problems in Philosophical Logic and the Philosophy of Mathematics concerning our attempts to speak with total, unrestricted, absolute generality.'


Adam Levine (2008, History of Art)

Adam spent the past 18 months as the Collections Management Assistant in the department of Greek and Roman Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In January, he will take up a Mellon Fellowship at the Toledo Museum of Art in Toledo, Ohio. He hopes to work in museum administration.

Hannah Dawson  (2010, Development Studies)

Hannah represented Oxford University at the bi-annual conference - Festival of Thinkers - held in Abu Dhabi in November 2011.

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