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Student Finance at Corpus


As everyone knows, university is becoming a more expensive place, as government funding is withdrawn and institutions face more difficult financial circumstances. Corpus Christi College is committed to helping its students meet the increased costs they face. We cannot do much about tuition fees, though we join in efforts across Oxford to fund fee-waivers and bursaries for those students who need most support, but - thanks to our endowment, and to the generosity of donors - we are able to help some of our students meet their living costs.

The College operates three confidential schemes to tackle student hardship, and students can apply for help by filling in the appropriate forms. These forms are considered by a Maintenance Committee, comprising the Vice-President, the Bursar, the Senior Tutor, the Tutor for Graduates and the Chaplain. Decisions are taken in confidence and on the basis of financial need, as disclosed in each application.

Ongoing Support
The College aims to provide help to any student who is unable to meet the normal cost of living in Oxford. The University has published guidelines on a breakdown of estimated living costs for undergraduates and graduates for 2018/19. Estimates may vary for EU and overseas students. Anyone who does not have sufficient funds, despite taking advantage of available public and private help, is invited to apply for help on a form which asks for details of income and expenditure, and which is then considered, in confidence, by the Maintenance Committee. Ongoing Support lasts for the academic year in which the application is made, but it may be renewed, upon fresh application, in subsequent years. (Note that all students are required to sign a financial declaration form, and will thus only be eligible for help from these funds in exceptional circumstances.)

Emergency Support
Students who find themselves suddenly short of money may apply for Emergency Support on a short, simple form. This is considered quickly and confidentially by the Maintenance Committee, and may result in the award of a grant or loan.

Moving-Out Loans
The College recognises that moving out of College accommodation can impose substantial charges on students at an inconvenient time of year. On the advice of our graduate students, we have therefore set up a scheme in which graduate students (and some undergraduates) may apply for interest-free loans to cover the costs of deposits, up-front rent payments and the like.

These schemes have resulted from discussions between the fellows of the College and representatives of the students. They are kept under regular review at the termly Welfare Lunches and through other routes, and the figures that trigger Ongoing Support are revised annually, to reflect changes in College rents and charges and in the cost of living more generally.

Please see the University website for more information on the combined university and college fees, living expenses, and sources of funding.


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