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Social Life

Corpus offers a wide range of recreational activities to its students, from sports, music, drama, and entertainment (aka ‘Entz') to special dinners, talks and events. The majority of these are organised through the Junior Common Room (aka JCR). The JCR is very inclusive and everyone is invited and encouraged to join in at least one college activity. Many of the college-based activities can also be pursued at University level, but whichever field you choose to play on, the name of the game is enjoyment and you'll always find support from your fellow Corpuscles. If there's an interest you wish to pursue and Corpus doesn't cater for it, the University probably does and you'll find it very easy to get involved. There are many clubs, societies and teams always on the look out for new, enthusiastic members. For further details of events available at University level, visit the University's Living in Oxford web pages.

Junior Common Room
Undergraduates have the use of a large oak-panelled JCR on the Main Quad, above which is a television room and a table tennis room. There is also a small but lively and newly refurbished Beer Cellar. The dedicated members of the large JCR Committee organise a variety of events throughout the year, including JCR tea every day (and welfare teas on Sundays, which are bigger and better) and a number of noisier events! The JCR also plays host to regular student meetings at which a range of social and serious issues are discussed. The JCR Committee is the body through which the undergraduates are represented in the administration of the College, and the JCR President and other officers sit on most College committees.


Corpus has teams for both men and women in many of the popular sports usually associated with life at university. It has a well-equipped boathouse on the river, close to the College. A five-minute cycle ride brings you to a sports ground that we share with University College, the Univ-Corpus Sports Ground, ideal for football and rugby and with a fine cricket square and nets. Students also enjoy free access to gym facilities on Iffley Road, a ten minute cycle away and next to one of the most popular accommodation blocks. During the summer term students make frequent use of the garden's croquet set and the college punts. If your sport of choice is not catered for, you simply start a team - and the joy of this is you always get to be the Captain!

The MBI Al-Jaber Auditorium is a large, modern and pleasant space built into a bastion of the medieval city wall at the bottom of Corpus garden. It has lovely acoustics and is equipped with a modern over-strung piano. It is used for practice and performance of music and drama, as well as for parties, art exhibitions, seminars and lectures. The Chapel contains a fine tracker-action organ by Thomas Hill (1880) and an excellent harpsichord by Goble (1976).The Auditorium holds regular concerts and recitals and the Chapel choir performs a Sunday service (Evensong) once a week. The Corpus String Orchestra performs termly and our brilliant jazz ensemble and folk band are called upon to perform at many Corpus events including the biennial ball and yearly tortoise fair. There are also regular open-mic nights in the Beer Cellar. Needless to say, music from all periods can be found at Corpus. The common room in the Liddell Building (accommodation) contains a Broadwood grand piano and is a good setting for more informal music making.

For the aspiring actor, drama at Corpus revolves around the activities of the Owlets. The company has earned its reputation with an amazing lectures series and two five star shows.The company produce several plays a year including a ‘Cuppers' entry - the University's freshers-only drama competition which takes place in Michaelmas. Some Owlet successes include productions of ‘Othello', ‘Year of the Rat' and a 50-year anniversary production of ‘Murder in the Cathedral', featuring members of the original undergraduate cast of 1951. In recent years, the JCR has provided funding for both graduates and undergraduates to put on plays and even to take their productions to the Edinburgh Festival. However, with a speciality for low-budget but high quality drama, the company is now able to fund its own plays.

Bar/TV Room
Corpus has a television room directly above the JCR, with a widescreen TV equipped with Sky Ultimate, games consoles and a DVD player. The JCR owns a huge film collection that all students can borrow from, and also screens a film in the auditorium every Sunday night.

Underneath the JCR is a lively Beer Cellar. With a pool table, darts board, table football and pub quiz machine, both undergraduates and graduate students meet here to unwind and to plan for social events in town.




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