Corpus Christi College Oxford

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Corpus Library aims to provide the best access possible for all its members and readers.  The Library is on two floors with access from the main quad.  Access to the lower library can be step free.

Prospective students with disabilities who have queries about the facilities and services available should contact the Librarian.

The Library can offer:

  • Use of book supports for more comfortable reading.

  • Use of ear plugs and noise cancelling headphones.

  • Extended loan periods for books (termly rather than 2 weeks) specifically for students with an SpLD.

  • Increased term-time loan allowance (25 books) specifically for students with an SpLD.

  • Assistance in identifying alternative formats (e.g. e-books and/or electronic access to journals).

  • Assistance in locating access information for Bodleian Libraries and their reading rooms.

  • A specified named contact for any queries and/or assistance.

  • Tailored assistance in accessing material at Corpus, including:

    • Step-free entry to the lower library using the button alert system (facilitated by library staff Monday-Friday: 9am-1pm, 2pm-6pm during term-time, until 5pm outside of term), .

    • A dedicated shelf in the lower library for books/papers, adjacent to a desk with a computer that could be reserved.

    • Assistance in retrieving books/items in the Library.

    • Books can be requested for borrowing via email and once issued by library staff can be placed on the dedicated shelf mentioned above or delivered to the reader’s college room or the Lodge.

    • Books to be returned could be left on the dedicated shelf with a note and by notifying library staff or collection by library staff could be arranged.

    • Emails from named library contact checking for borrowing requests before each weekend during term.

    • Proxy borrowing for a named assistant.

    • Provision of support equipment as required.



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