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We typically seek to admit 4 students across Psychology and its joint schools each year.

Experimental Psychology at Corpus Christi College taken alone or with Philosophy and now with Linguistics is the choice for the Psychology interested student. Traditionally, Corpus was known as a strong centre for learning in the humanities, classics and ancient studies, but in more recent years has developed its links to Science, Medicine, Biomedical sciences and more generally and what we consider the link between medicine and humanities- Psychology. Previous tutors in Psychology have been Professor Brian Foss taught in the 50s, while in 60s Professor N.J. Macktinosh (Magdalen) FRS was lecturer here. Professor Robin A. Murphy is the current Psychology tutor who will organize and lead your learning experience, but your teaching at all levels, writing, thinking communicating will be supported by the wide range of Corpus fellows and members in the wider Oxford community including Experimental Psychologists, Philosophers and Physiologists and you will find that whatever your particular interests are in the field of Psychology that there will be someone to turn to for advice.

For further information about the Experimental Psychology and PPL courses, see the University admissions website.


Current teaching staff include:

Psychology: Dr Robin Murphy, Prof Catherine HarmerDr Patricia Lockwood

Physiology: Prof Pawel Swietach

Philosophy: Prof Mark Wrathall, Dr David Lee

Social activities

Psychology at Corpus is a thriving discipline. We normally accept four UnderGraduates and two-three PostGraduates each year and have regular formal and informal gatherings. Freshers each year meet with tutors at the Freshers dinner in 0th week, and scholars and exhibitoners have a dinner each Michealmas in Hall. We also have a regular Psychology dinner each year starting with drinks on the Handa terrace to celebrate the start of summer. Here we are on the terrace in May 2014 (Top Row Left to Right: Lilian Baker, Eden Sayed (Visiting Student from UCLA), Moritz Boorman, Ben Fell; Middle Row: Annie Brebner (Visiting Student from Queen’s), Katherine Turner, Suzie Bien, Sarah Toner, Esther Rich, Zazie Lawson, Mera Mayde (Carolin Kreuzer), Robin Murphy; Front Row: Sophie Waldron, Navya Anand, and Erika Pheby (JCR President in 2014)


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