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Experimental Psychology / PPL (Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics)


Hey, my name is Tyrell, and I’m a first year studying Experimental Psychology at Corpus Christi College. 

Applying to Oxford can be an intimidating process and one thing I was sure I wasn’t going to do when I was in the UCAS stage. However, talking to a current EP student helped me understand the admissions test (TSA) and the interview process better and eventually I changed my mind. Looking back at it, the initial hesitation I had was just a manifestation of my own fear and overcoming it meant that I was able to apply and study at this amazing place!

Oxford is different to other universities, for instance through the tutorials and the college system, but can be quite similar in other aspects. Experimental psychology however is distinctly different in its own right - the focus on ‘experimental’ evidence provides the foundation for which the course is built upon. The Experimental Psychology course also encompasses Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics, where such students will choose two modules and focus on those. Although, there are very few restrictions and so changing modules over first year is quite easy allowing students to study what interests them the most. If Experimental Psychology and Oxford itself appeals to you, my advice would be to just apply.

Corpus Christi was not actually the college I applied to but every day I’m here I’m glad that this was the college I got into. Corpus is unofficially known as ‘small and friendly’ with about 70 people in each year group, meaning that you get to know everyone really well. Corpus also has a beautiful 24/7 library and a roof terrace overlooking Christ Church meadows making it popular spot for students. However, the beer cellar is undoubtedly the most popular space in Corpus, it’s a great place for our bops (college parties), a game of pool or just a chat with friends. All my friends who originally applied to Corpus have told me that it has surpassed their expectations, so if you apply to Corpus I think you can be confident you will be happy.

My first year at Oxford is one filled with great memories I won’t forget and I am so happy I took that first step and just applied, despite not thinking I would even get in! I could talk about the Experimental Psychology course, Corpus or Oxford for days, so if you have any questions at all please email me at the address above.



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