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Hi! I'm Will, a second-year Physics student at Corpus.

I didn't know much about the different colleges when applying, so I made an open application and was lucky enough to be assigned to Corpus, which couldn't have worked out better for me. Corpus has a reputation for being small and friendly -- with only about 75 students per year, you can get to know most people in your year really quickly, as well as some from older years, so you'll always see people you know around college! Corpus is also really central (everything is in walking distance), and in your first year you'll get to live really close to college with all the other first-years.

The Oxford physics course is really interesting, and very well-structured as well! The course in the first year or two is mostly fixed, so you have plenty of time to work out what interests you before specialising more in later years. In the first year topics include mechanics, electromagnetism, linear algebra and vector calculus. Most days there are between one to four lectures on these different topics. There are usually two to three tutorials a week in the afternoons -- lessons in small groups (often just two to three students) with tutors, where we go over a set problem sheet which consolidates the lecture content. In first year there is also a full-day lab each week in the first two terms, where you do practicals related to the lecture content in pairs. Corpus usually has 6 physics students per year.

Many people worry about the Oxford workload, and that they'll have to work really hard all the time and not have time for anything else, but this isn't the case at all! We definitely don't spend all of our time studying in the library, and as long as you stay on top of the workload (or near enough) there's plenty of time to spend with friends, play sports or join one of the many societies.

It goes without saying, but there really is no 'standard' Oxford student. People here come from different backgrounds and places around the world. There's also a society for almost any community or interest you can think of, so I wouldn't worry too much about whether you'll 'fit in' here. If you're unsure whether to apply or not, I'd say just go for it -- you have nothing to lose by applying, and you definitely won't get in if you don't!

If you've got any other questions about Physics, Corpus or Oxford (no matter how simple or silly they might seem) please feel free to email!

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