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Hello, I’m Arthur, a 1st year physics student at Corpus Christi.

When applying to Oxford I knew very little about the different colleges, so I chose to make an open application and was randomly assigned to Corpus. This couldn’t have worked out better for me in the end as Corpus is incredibly friendly and I absolutely love it here. It’s one of the smallest colleges in Oxford with about 75 people per year which means that it’s very easy to get to know everyone quickly – something that is more difficult in larger colleges.

The physics course at Oxford is really interesting and very well structured. The course is taught in a few different ways. Every day there are between two and four lectures in the morning on a range of different topics– in the first year these include linear algebra, multivariable and vector calculus, mechanics and electromagnetism. On two or three days a week there are tutorials in the afternoon too. These are lessons with the tutors in small groups which follow the same material as the rest of the course and help to consolidate it all. They can be a little daunting at first but really they can be good fun! For the first two terms of first year one day each week is spent in the lab, where you do practicals relevant to the course. There are 6 physicists per year at Corpus.

A lot of people worry that in coming to Oxford they’ll have to work ridiculously hard all the time and won’t have any time for anything else – this absolutely isn’t the case! As long as you keep on top of your work (or near enough) then there’s plenty of time to do other things too, such as getting involved with one of the many societies.

Another great thing about Corpus is that it offers a large number of benefits for its students. For example, this year I’m going to Stanford University for a month on a programme offered by just 3 colleges in Oxford.

It’s a cliché to say that there is no ‘standard’ Oxford student, but it’s true nonetheless. There’s a huge range of people here from all different backgrounds and places around the world. My advice to anyone who’s unsure whether to apply or not is to just go for it – you’ve got nothing to lose by applying and you definitely won’t get in if you don’t!

If you have any questions about physics, Corpus or anything else to do with Oxford then please do get in touch.

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