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Photo Competition

For the second year running, Corpus organised a student Photographic Competition. This year prizes were awarded for the best photograph(s) submitted under the headings of 'Real-Life Students' and 'Unusual Corpus'.

We received a number of brilliant entries for each of the categories, which can be viewed by clicking on the photograph names below:

Real-Life Students

Joanna McCunn - Bubbles
Gareth Langley - Matriculation Fear

Highly Commended 
Fiona Murray - Oxford Freshers, Trinity, Winter
Gareth Langley - Working
Joanna McCunn - Dinner & Cards, Top Hat
Sam Kelley - Umbrellas at Tortoise Fair, Football Team Challenge,
                     Jahan and Alex


Unusual Corpus

Stefan Turner - Garden Stairs

Highly Commended
Celeste Noche - Tortoise Fair b/w
Gareth Langley - Pelican, Tulips
Grace Weaver - Pelican at Night
Stefan Turner - Snow on the Rooftops, Night Light, The Garden Gate
Joanna McCunn - Tortoise Fair 1
Kelly Shannon - Snow Pelican

Bubbles by Joanna McCunn                          Matriculation Fear by Gareth Langley


Garden Stairs by Stefan Turner


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