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On February 14th 2017 Corpus Christi College will be holding a Philosophy Study Day for state school students, aiming to introduce various areas of philosophy to interested Year 12 students. The day will be led by Dr Anna Marmadoro and will involve attending students completing an essay task entry in advance as part of their application to attend.

The day will include a lecture and a number of introductory seminars to help students think about different areas of a subject they may not have encountered in depth before. Lunch will be included, as will a chance to meet current undergraduates. The day is entirely free of charge, and some help may be available with transport costs. The event will begin at 10.15am (registration from 10am) and conclude by 3.30pm.

Lecture: ‘Why we do what we do: character versus situations’
Seminar A: ‘Dealing with disagreement: from Brexit to anti-vaxxers’
Seminar B: ‘The Concept of God’
Seminar C: ‘Does history have an end?
Seminar D: 'Darwin, Design and DNA'
Seminar E: ‘Introduction to the philosophy of quantum mechanics: the measurement problem’

Those interested in attending should complete the form below, and also submit an essay in response to the following title: “[P]hilosophy is dead. Philosophy has not kept up with modern developments in science, particularly physics. Scientists have become the bearers of the torch of discovery in our quest for knowledge” Stephen Hawking (2010). Discuss. The essay should be no more than 2000 words in length, but that should be seen as a limit rather than a requirement (i.e. shorter esays are fine!).

Essays should be submitted by email (attachment) to, with the student’s name clearly indicated. The deadline for submitting essays was January 11th, and places on the day will be confirmed by January 20th. There will be cash prizes awarded on the day for the top essays.

There are a limited number of places on the event, and completion of the essay task will be used as a factor to decide to whom places are awarded. If the number of essays submitted exceeds the number of places available, our tutors will judge the essays as part of the selection process.

Should you have any questions about this event and prize, please email

*The selection process for this event in no way forms any part whatsoever of assessment of any individual's potential future application to any course at Oxford, undergraduate or postgraduate.*

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