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Part 2: A selection of manuscripts from the College's collection

In the years following the foundation, the College library acquired a variety of manuscripts.

Given by members, the collection is wide-ranging and reflects the intellectual curiosity of the later donors such as Henry Parry, William Fulman, and Brian Twyne.

Items in the collection range from the earliest known text of Aristotle's De generatione animalium, the oldest combined English/Latin Rule of Saint Benedict, the sole surviving manuscript of the life of St. Olav by Bishop Erlandson, the earliest and most accurate complete text of the Worcester chronicle, an important Piers Plowman B text, and a much-discussed example of the Canterbury Tales.

Several of the above have now been digitally imaged, and can be viewed in detail via internet access by scholars worldwide.

The selection here consists of three items which were produced in the decades surrounding the foundation of the College, and which show variety of style.

Catalogue to Part 2


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