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We typically seek to admit 7 students in PPE each year.

Corpus has a strong tradition in the joint honors school of Philosophy, Politics and Economics. Isaiah Berlin read PPE in the 1930s and is perhaps the school's most distinguished alumnus (he was later appointed Honorary Fellow). More recently, David and Ed Miliband have both read PPE at Corpus.

We admit seven students a year to read PPE. All three subjects are taught by full Fellows of the College, who have the support of a number of lecturers.

Philosophy is taught by Professor Mark Wrathall (full time Fellow) and Dr David Lee (College lecturer). We also have a number of JRFs who sometimes teach undergraduates. 

The College library is well-stocked in all areas of philosophy, particularly ancient philosophy (given Corpus' equally strong tradition in classics), and students from a variety of courses involving philosophy - PPE, Lit. Hum., PPP, Maths and Philosophy, Physics and Philosophy - are encouraged to interact together as members of the college's lively philosophical community.

Politics is taught by Professor Giovanni Capoccia (Professor of Comparative Politics in the Department of Politics and IR), full-time Fellow of the College, and Dr Scot Peterson, College Lecturer. Professor Capoccia specialises in Comparative and European politics, democratisation and institutional theory; Dr Peterson's areas of research are UK and US politics.

The College Library has a very good collection of Politics texts, with an emphasis on providing the reading materials for the undergraduate courses that are most attended. Over the past few years, the library has invested substantial resources to acquire most of the texts assigned in the first and second years of PPE and History and Politics (the other joint school that includes Politics), as well as the optional courses that are taught in College. These volumes complement usefully the older editions of classics of political theory and political science that an old and venerable library such as Corpus' holds.

Economics has a strong tradition at Corpus, following the long career of Andrew Glyn, late fellow, whose academic brilliancy and personal warmth made him a distinct presence at Corpus. Professor James Duffy is the College's full time Fellow in Economics. Dr Duffy's research is in econometrics, that subfield of economics concerned with the statistical methods used to impose empirical discipline on economic models.

The PPE course is divided in two parts, which both culminate in an exam. The first part coincides with the first year: students study the fundamentals of all three subjects to prepare for a ‘Preliminary Examination', which they sit at the end of the year. In the second part of the course, which covers the second and the third years, most students choose to concentrate on two of the three subjects. They attend both core and optional courses in each of their chosen subjects, and sit a ‘Final Examination' at the end of their third year.

For further information, refer to the Politics, Philosophy and Economics pages.


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