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Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)

Megan Wright

Hi! My name’s Megan and I am a proud Corpuscle! Originally from Leicester, I’m from a single-parent family and I went to a state school.

I am such a geek for PPE - I can’t think of any other degree which would give you the same insight into how the world works. It’s perfect for me because I want to know everything, and I get bored too easily to spend all my time on one subject.

I’ve been interested in Politics since the 2010 general election, but A-level Economics was the only formal experience I had of PPE before university. It’s absolutely possible to pick the course up from scratch - you’ll fit in perfectly if you have strong opinions about what you want the world to be like!

The first year of PPE has covered a lot of bases, and it’s whetted my appetite for next year. Soon I’ll have opportunities to look at topics like feminism, international development, and ethics. I can look in depth at the politics of Latin America, Africa, even Japan! The tutors at Corpus invite loads of exciting speakers to the college as well, which makes me feel really privileged, besides being academically useful. PPE can seem male-dominated but if you identify as a woman don’t be put off, be inspired to challenge that perception!

I never thought about coming to Oxford until I was in Year 12 because I was sure it would be full of posh people and way too much work. I’m so happy someone put me right because I’ve really found a home at Corpus: it’s a wonderful, intimate combination of history and progressiveness. As to the work, it’s definitely hard but if you’ve got in you’ve already shown you can handle it, and you’ll surprise yourself with what you can do.

PPEists have three subjects to juggle but good time management has allowed me to pick up a lot of fun stuff. I’m the LGBTQ+ representative for the students of Corpus, and I help run LGBTQ+ drinks every week. There are also loads of political societies in Oxford and the Union puts on amazing speakers and debates. When I want to relax Corpus does weekly film nights and a ton of welfare events. I have anxiety which can make me feel overwhelmed, but I know there’s always a someone to talk to, either among the students or staff.

Basically I just really, really love Corpus and all the friends I’ve made here. I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else! When the sun’s out, Corpus gardens feel like paradise. The Junior Common Room is like the Gryffindor Common Room but with tea and sparkly bunting. My tutorials are basically in a castle. What’s not to like?

So, I think that’s all I can say for now but if there’s anything else you’d like to know don’t hesitate to send me an email. Hopefully I’ll speak to you soon!

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