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Northwest Science Network Launch

On Tuesday 13th October the 2015-16 North West Science Network programme was launched. Professor Sir Colin Humphreys, Materials Scientist at Cambridge University, came to Xaverian College to speak on "How Gallium Nitride can Save Energy, Purify Water, Be Used in Cancer Therapy and Improve your Exam Performance!"; an adventurous brief exploring how Gallium Nitride is one of the most important semiconductor materials since silicon and how it can be used across the STEM disciplines. Around 400 students from schools and colleges across Greater Manchester attended the talk, which was followed by a STEM Fair. 15 represntatvies from a huge range of STEM disciplines were in attendance to talk to students about studying science at A-Level, Degree and Postgraduate level and to showcase the many careers that a STEM education can lead onto. 


Please visit our website to find out more about the Northwest Science Network project, and the events coming up across the year.

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