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University Prizes

Corpus Christi would like to congratulate the following students on winning University prizes and scholarships in 2011-12.

Undergraduate Students

Dean Ireland's Scholarship
Anthony Collins (2010, Classics)

First Craven Scholarship
Anthony Collins (2010, Classics)

Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry Part II Research Project Prize
Benjamin Krishna (2008, Biochemistry)

GlaxoSmithKline: 3rd Year Undergraduate Prize in Practical Organic Chemistry
Gareth Langley (2009, Chemistry)

Harold Lister Sunderland Prize
Anthony Collins (2010, Classics)

Francis Taylor Building Prize in Environmental Law
Theodore Lister (2009, Law)

C.E. Stevens Scholarship
Edoardo Lupi (2009, Classics)

Comparative Philology Prize
Anthony Collins (2010, Classics)

Gibbs Annual Prize for Best Overall Performance in Part I Materials
Alastair Marsh (2009, Materials Science)

Best Materials Third Year Team Design Project
Alastair Marsh (2009, Materials Science)

Classics Declamation Prize 2012 - Latin Reading
Il-Kweon Sir (2011, Classics)

Charles Oldham Scholarship
Olivia Thompson (2011, Classics)

Hertford Prize
Anthony Collins (2010, Classics)

Gibbs Prize for Performance in Moderations in English
Rosamund Oxbury (2011, English)

Gibbs Prize for Best Performance in the Honour School of Experimental Psychology
Hannah Buxton (2009, Experimental Psychology)

The GlaxoSmithKline 3rd Year Undergraduate Prizes in Practical Organic Chemistry
Gareth Langley (2009, Chemistry)

Graduate Students

Materials 3rd Year DPhil Poster Competition
Sophie Godard Desmaret (2009, DPhil Materials)

Law Faculty Prize in the Roman and Civilian Law of Contracts
Joanna McCunn (2011, BCL)

Law Faculty Prize in the Law and Society in Medieval England
Joanna McCunn (2011, BCL)

European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry Poster Prize
James Egleton (2011, DPhil)


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