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The Michael Sharpston Travel Award

Michael Sharpston (1972, Economics) has very generously endowed an annual travel award worth £600, which we offered to both undergraduate and graduate students for the first time this year.

Applicants were expected to submit a note describing their travel plans, and explaining how they expected them to advance their learning and/or intellectual development. The holder of the award was then expected to write a report of their experiences.

This year's award was given to second year Biochemist, Rachael Dellar, who visited Tanzania: Education Day at camp

"The majority of my time was spent on Mafia Island, south of Zanzibar. I worked as a Research Assistant with Frontier, and was based on a camp in the village of Utende in the south of the island. Camp life was very basic but extremely enjoyable! I met some amazing people, and spent my time working on camp, studying the indigenous species, collecting data from the field, teaching English at the local primary schools and looking after the dive equipment. The work was physically and mentally demanding, but highly rewarding and ultimately really fun.

I had a truly fantastic experience, and found it thoroughly rewarding, both in terms of education and in opening my eyes to a completely different world. I would like to massively thank Corpus Christi College and Michael Sharpston for endowing me with a generous bursary."

Rachael's full report can be viewed here.

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