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Prof Pete Nellist research group award win

The research group of Professor Pete Nellist in the Department of Materials has been awarded the Outstanding Paper Award in Materials Science for 2015 by the European Microscopy Society. The award will be made at theEMC2016 Congress in Lyon, France.

The award is for the paper: H. Yang, J.G. Lozano, T.J. Pennycook, L. Jones, P.B. Hirsch, P.D. Nellist, “Imaging screw dislocations at atomic resolution by aberration-corrected electron optical sectioning”, Nature Communications 6 (2015) 7266. The awarding jury motivated its decision by noting that this paper was a “demonstration of the 3D determination of the atomic positions in the vicinity of the core of a screw dislocation solving a long-investigated issue in condensed matter physics”.

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