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Prof Nicole Grobert becomes Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry

Nicole Grobert, Professor of Nanomaterials (the Department of Materials), has been admitted by Council to the Royal Society of Chemistry as a Fellow. The FRSC title is given to people who "have made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of the chemical sciences; or to the advancement of the chemical sciences as a profession; or have been distinguished in the management of a chemical sciences organisation”.

Professor Grobert’s research focuses on the design and manufacture of speciality nanomaterials. Several scientific breakthroughs in the controlled production of these materials led to further developments that have been made through multiple proof-of-concept projects. Professor Grobert’s current Royal Society Industry Fellowship at Williams Advanced Engineering enables enhanced collaborations with industry partners to develop new nanomaterials with for target applications in high performance motors, nanocomposites, batteries, multifunctional lightweight structures.

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