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Philosophy Study Day


The first Corpus Christi College Ancient and Modern Philosophy Study Day took place on Tuesday 17th February, in collaboration with the Classics and Philosophy Faculties. The day was open for applications from Year 11 and Year 12 students from across the country, with places allocated on the basis of academic ability and enthusiasm for philosophy. 28 students attended, selected from a field of 81 applicants.

The day was themed around concepts and discussions of freedom, approached from both an ancient and modern standpoint. Prof Ursula Coope led a sessions entitled 'An ancient discussion of responsibility: Georgias on Helen', asking studentys to engage with a short text in advance of the day.  Dr Thomas Sinclair led a sessions focussed on more modern philosophy entitled 'How free do we need to be?'. Both sessions were structured to encourage students to engage in discussion and debate on the topics concerned, and gave significant space to students' own ideas.

Besides the academic aspects of the day, students got to meet current undergraduates, undertake a tour of Corpus Christi College, have lunch in Hall, and learn more about the Oxford system of teaching, courses, and the university admissions process. Dr Dave Leal (Philosophy Schools Liaison Officer) and Mai Musie (Classics Outreach Officer) joined Brendan Shepherd (Corpus Outreach Officer and Admissions Administrator) to deliver information to the attendees.

Feedback on the day was overwhelmingly positive, with one attendee commenting that the day was based around 'engaging and stimulating discussion and debate', with another adding that it was 'extremely interesting, which served to develop (my) knowledge and also made me consider studying various philosophy courses.'

It is hoped that similar days will run again in coming years.



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