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North West Science Network Launch

On Thursday 13th October, this year's NWSN Project was launched in Crewe. Hosted by South Cheshire College, the launch brought together 170 sixth form students from across the noth west to attend a lecture from the new Corpus President Prof Steve Cowley. Prof Cowley spoke about fusion energy, drawing on his time as Chief Executive of the UK Atomic Energy Agency, and showed attendees the great possibilities fusion holds for the future of energy. Following the well-recieved lecture, students had a chance to ask their questions of Prof Cowley and Corpus fellow and NWSN academic lead Prof Pete Nellist, as well as circulate around a 'STEM Fair' to discuss other branches of science with staff and students.

The North West Science Network is a partnership between Corpus Christi and Pembroke Colleges (Oxford) and South Cheshire (Crewe) and Xaverian (Manchester) Colleges in the north west. This outreach activity aims to engage students from the northwest with research-level science and scientists, and is designed to further equip them to make informed choices in relation to higher education, and to support them in their application and entry into university. Events take place across the year both locally and in Oxford.



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